deepBlue 1.0 Documentation


The package contains the following folders:

  • 3rd Party MODS” contains the third party Modules zips. Seperate installation will be required.
  • core” contains the required module for the hubs pilot list.
  • lib” contains all the files needed for your skin.
  • Extras” contains the social media airplane images.

To install the new skin you must —

  1. Upload the lib folder from your pc to the phpVMS root to your web server.
  2. Now go to your phpVMS admin. Navigate to Site & Settings --> General Settings Under the Current Skin section, select your skin to deepBlue and than click save.

  1. This can be done by sizing the image you want to 1200x400 and upload it to /lib/skins/deepBlue/img/header.jpg

ACARS Map - Change your seetings to match below

  1. Open core/local.config

    # Google Map Options
      Config::Set('MAP_WIDTH', '583px');
      Config::Set('MAP_HEIGHT', '500px');

    5.1. Google Map API

  2. You might also need your own API for google maps. Open core_htmlhead.php from your skins folder and add your key to api code. To get your API key from Google, log in to your Google account and go to - Open lib/skins/deepBlue/layout.php

  3. Find the code below.">
    replace it with - Don't forget to add your keys Key Here&callback=initMap"> 

  1. If you are getting an error from the recaptch on the Registration and Contact pages. You will than need to obtain your recaptcha keys for your domain. Simply follow this link. Than paste the code to your local.config page just like as shown below. Replace Key #1 and key #2 with your actual keys.

  2. /* Keys for recaptcha, you can change these if you want to your own but it's a global key so it should just work */
    Config::Set('RECAPTCHA_PUBLIC_KEY', 'key #1');
    Config::Set('RECAPTCHA_PRIVATE_KEY', 'key #2');

7. Installing Modules

This skin has preset modules. Only the template files are installed. You will need to install the Modules. Open the folder in the skin download titled 3rd Party MODS. Please note that the template files have been removed from the ip files so you dont overwrite the files.

This template has a no hub pilots list. You will need to add the Pilots module that is included in the download. Just upload the core folder to your phpVMS installation directory. (back up your Pilots Module before uploading the included file. Only install if you have no edits to the Pilots Module)

Remember to install all the modules!

You will need to add some code the data classes. Add the following code below to core/common/TouchdownStatsData.class Add the following code below to core/common/StatsData.class
public static function TotalPilotMiles($pilotid)
  $key = 'total_miles';
  $key .= '_'.$pilotid;

  $total = CodonCache::read($key);

  if($total === false)
   $total = 0;
   $sql = "SELECT * FROM ".TABLE_PREFIX."pireps WHERE pilotid='$pilotid' AND accepted=1";
   $results = DB::get_results($sql);
   if($results) { foreach($results as $result) { $total += $result->distance; } }

   CodonCache::write($key, $total, '15minute');
  return $total;

7.1 Join Module

This mod will let you place some rules on a pre-ristration page. Wont let you continue the registration untill you agree to the terms. Simply install the module from the 3rd Party MODS folder. Than link your registration to

I have included all the plane icons if you need to add more. From the skins download folder open extras folder.

  1. core_navigation.php - Add links to your menu.
  2. Join.php - Set your own Airlines rules.
  3. frontpage_main.php - Line 184, change the date of when your Airline opened. - countup(2016,09,15) Do the same for line 123.
  4. Line 193-195 add or remove to your liking for supported simulators.
  5. Line 215-218 add or remove to your liking for social media icons.

9.1 Important Information

Table Class - deepBlue_table
Button Class - deepBlue-button
Font Awesome Icons -

If you have any questions that are not answered in this documentation, feel free to contact us via on our website or by our Support Forums You can also reply to the deepBlue post on the phpVMS forums.

For quicker support, you can post your support question on our forums. deepBlue Support Forums
When asking for support, plseae allow up 24 hours for a responce. With any support request please include the follwing.
  1. Your URL of your airline that you need support for.
  2. Any screenshots if possible
  3. Full detailed description of the issue.

Any websites that have removed the phpVMS link or our link from the footer will be ignored and will not get any support.



Thank you for choosing skyBlue skin for phpVMS! Please do not forget to leave us a nice feedback here.