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All of our skins will only work with phpVMS 5.5.2

That error is generated because you are trying to use a skin on a phpVMS v2.X. Our skins are only for phpVMS 5.5.X

Please see this post in our support forums.

You need to register your domain here to get a google recaptcha key. Fill out the forms and than add your keys to the code below and paste in your local.config.
/* Keys for recaptcha, you can change these if you want to your own but it's a global key so it should just work */
Config::Set('RECAPTCHA_PUBLIC_KEY', '6LcuKwcUAAAAAHzhj_wWmwWAyAxfoVJ8A0Sp56GP');
Config::Set('RECAPTCHA_PRIVATE_KEY', '6LcuKwcUAAAAAPz0VOzmL7Leeyjon4VMqi0yHjdP');

Most likley not. I will not know for sure untill we get a live version of the new phpVMS. Eventually all skins will be working on the new version.

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